Welcome to the Southeast Region Blog!

Welcome to the Southeast Region Blog!

Greetings to all members in the Southeast Region of the American Guild of Organists. I hope that this blog can be an easy way for us to keep in touch. Please contact me for news and events from your chapter that should be included. I'm happy to spread the word! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the regional events calendar.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

National Council Meeting in NYC

Keeping up tradition, here is my top ten list from the recent AGO National Council Meeting in New York:

10. Being in New York City for a few days.
9. The IRS is making it tough for our chapter administrators. New regulations are causing some chapters to be auto-revoked from their non-profit status. Chapter deans or treasurers please check with the IRS to ensure that your fiscal year is properly listed as June-July.
8. This summer’s POE is in Birmingham – encourage young organists to go!
7. Plans for our 2013 Regional Convention in Columbia, SC are going well -- register today!
6. A presentation about the Boston2014. Be there.
5. A presentation from the AGO’s new IT Director, Bill Valentine. The pilot program for online dues is now being used!
4. Testimonial from John Walker (who insures his car with Geico): he called up, identified himself as an AGO member, and actually received a reduction in his insurance rates. Give ‘em a call, perhaps it will work for you, too!
3. A stay at the Yotel Hotel (http://www.yotelnewyork.com) for council members; trendy in a weird sort of way. My only response: beam me up, Scotty!  
2. Having meetings at the Interfaith Center at 475 Riverside Avenue. Yes, this is where AGO headquarters are located. We didn’t meet in the National Office (it’s pretty small), but I was oddly comforted to find out by my New York friends that locals call the building the “God Box”!
1. Being able to attend the AGO Recital and Gala Benefit Reception honoring Marilyn Keiser. St. John the Divine, need I say more?

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